Indoor Herb Garden – 3 Things You Need to Know to Be Successful

Owning an indoor herb garden is a smart investment, it requires no more than usual attention compare to a regular garden of plants and best part is that it helps financially this times of economic down turn.

First thing you need to know is that your garden needs to be in a sunny place, this is because herbs and other food gardens such as vegetable does not usually thrive in a cold weather. Remember that your herb garden is a source of food and therefore needs to taken care of as such. These types of plants survive in favorable weather.

Second thing is that it is recommended that your indoor garden should be just that. That means not planting it as part any other type of garden. It is highly recommended that you plant your herb garden on a separate bed. Well maybe you can plant then around flowers to make them look prettier but except for that, it’s not recommended to plant it next to other plants that is unless if space and room is an issue.

Thirdly, you need to keep in mind that herbs don’t need much fertilizing, matter of fact its not recommended. Rather, use compost, they make great fertilizer. Maintain a high PH level in your soil, and have a great time planting your herbs indoor, certainly helps when it’s cold outside. These plants like soggy soil so keep the soil moisturized and since you will most likely be growing it in a container if you are doing it indoor, you will want to take care that the plant doesn’t get too big for its container so as not to inhibit its growth.

Successful herb gardeners can tell you how rewarding it is to have one. No need to run to the store if you need herbs like thyme, and so forth; because it’s right there. So Try it.