Garden Club Offers Everything For Garden Fans

There are many gardeners who yearn for the perfect hollyhock, the largest sweet potato or a window box of petunias grown from seed. Some want to build greenhouses in the backyard and others choice to go organic and even make their own compost. Although there are many different types of gardeners there is only one place that offers information on everything that grows under the sun. The National Home Gardening Club garden clubs is a members-only club with exclusive information, magazine articles and community interaction for green thumb enthusiasts.

Find the perfect garden decorating idea for the holidays or enter into a photo contest the site has plenty of options to occupy a gardener during even the longest winter season. Members also post monthly tips which feature great secrets such as the best ways to keep a garden journal tracking produce reports as well as color schemes year after year.

Members can test products, share seed packs and can join the sites book club as well as a getting regular newsletter, recipes and product reviews and access to coupons and other promotional goodies. The Home Gardening Clubs has a product tester to try out all of the new gadgets and then dish out the pros and cons. This ensures that you get the best information from other gardeners how may have similar obstacles. For example, two lifetime members of The National Home Gardening Club gave the “Wet and Forget” brand of moss, mold, mildew and algae cleaner positive reviews. Both assert that the product is easy to use, by simply wetting the mold, mildew or other residue and apply the product and wait for it to dissolve, and one member even says it works on pollen as well.

Unlike many other garden clubs The Home Garden Club also offers information on garden wildlife, water gardens and burning calories in your garden. For example raking leaves for 30 minutes will burn 182 calories in the average 18o pound person. Since winter is a time of bird watching the December edition of the web site has everything to do with featured friends. Read about the common Redpoll with its cheery call and red breast which is the only color against most bleak winter backgrounds or find out how to manage pests by creating a herptile haven.

The National Home Gardening Club is an exclusive website that offers members information on everything from growing perennials to managing weeds and pests. You can find useful tips about how to grow roses, making the best compost and container gardening. The site has many interactive features that allow users to meet other gardening enthusiasts as well as ask questions and get information from other members. Membership dues are $1 per month after a free 30 day trial. Members gain access to restricted parts of the web site as well as receive a monthly copy of Gardening How-To. The magazine features in-depth articles and step-by-step instructions to help you create the garden you have always wanted. Members have access to expert advice and the opportunity to post comments and share tips with fellow garden club members on the web site.