Creating Your Dream House With Home Design Software Programs

In the olden days, if you want to design your home or parts of your home, you need to hire and consult professional such as architect and engineers to create you a home design. But today, with the improvement of technology, you can create your own house design project without having an advance skill of an architect and engineer. To create or to plan a project for your house, there are many soft wares for home design that you can try. Some of them are CAD Pro Program, Chief Architecture Software Program, Google SketchUp 6 software programs, and 3D Home Architect Décor & Design software program. Each of the programs offers different features and different benefits with it.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Pro is a drafting software program that can be used for designing a house professionally. CAD offers a full feature drafting software and presentation that enable any designers, whether you are an amateur or professional, to create a blueprint in a short time. Though many people assume that it’s difficult to be used but actually there are a lot of advantages provided by this program such as: you can view ad print your floor plans in a professional way and very quick, you can customize plan and project so you can suit it with your detailed needs. Even better, it also works excellently when you combine it with Windows Program.

Chief Architecture is a professional house design software program. Its unique feature lies on its itemized costs estimate reports that enable you to know how much costs are calculated when you build a house so you can estimate the budget you have to prepare before building your house. It also is completed with 1,000 page reference of useful tips so that the design process can be more effective.

Google SketchUp 6 is software that offers easy-to-use tool that can provided you with detailed 3D options in designing you house. The benefit of using this program is you can create as detail or fundamental as you want while designing your house. This software is for free.

Another program that you can try to design your house is 3D Home Architect Décor & Design. This is a software program step to step wizard features that enable you to create a house design easily and effectively. It offers thousands of accessories such as colors, materials, and fabrics for your options in planning your project. It also comes with Architect Ability features that enable you design your own roof, house foundation, and even electrical wiring layout.

With various house design software programs, creating a house design project can be very easy and fast. Even if you decide to hire professional in doing the job, you still can gain some benefits with the programs; you can calculate the costs so that you know your contractor give you the fair price for your house layout and you are also able to find what kind of house that you like to build for your own house.

What You Should Know About Customized Book Cover Design When Self-Publishing

When you write a book and wish to publish it yourself, there will be a lot of thoughts that cross your mind. You will no doubt scour bookstores for ideas of appealing book cover design and try to see which one speaks your language. While the actual content of your book is no doubt very important, even before anyone can read that content they will look at its cover.

Marketing a product, in this case your book, takes a lot of time and effort. The best way to take a part of this burden off your back is to get your book cover custom-designed by a professional graphic designer. It’s best not to cut corners here as it can prove to be a vital ingredient of your marketing campaign.

Factors To Consider When Custom Designing Your Book

When it comes to book designing, there are a few basic points that you should keep in mind:

  1. The book cover must be relevant to the matter in the book. There should be no clashing themes and concepts
  2. Choosing the right colors comes next. Lighter and easy-reading books can have brighter colors while more serious ones can afford to have somber and darker shades. In some cases, simple black and white or any other two color combinations look good as well. Many eye-catching covers rely on fewer colors.
  3. The spine of a book is an important segment of the cover. It might have a continuation of the design that is on the front and back covers or could be a contrasting one as well. The title and the author’s name should be printed clearly and as large as possible. Remember that it’s the spine that faces outward and is more or less the face of the book, at least when it is standing upright in the bookshelf of a store
  4. Choose appropriate images but do not clutter the front cover. The title as well as the author’s name should be clearly visible.
  5. The typesetting is very important to the look of the book. The font as well as formatting must be attractive and up to the mark
  6. It can be a great marketing tool to opt for book cover design with flaps. These books tend to be lighter and easier to handle. Well designed soft covers look sophisticated and are inexpensive, unlike hardback ones. The flaps can hold a lot of additional information about the book. The reviews or excerpts can go on the inner front flap while the authors information and photograph can be printed on the inner back flap. The back of the cover obviously has the blurb which gives readers a sneak-peek into the storyline of the book. These flaps can also double-up as a bookmarks.

All in all, book cover designing is a specialized field and getting your book cover designed by a graphic designer can add a lot of value to the way your book is positioned from a marketing viewpoint.